GABT: German American Business Translation


GABT was established in 1993 as an independent translation service, located in the Chicago Loop and designed to more efficiently and effectively serve its demanding business and legal clientele. German training and certification are your assurance of reliability.

Profil in Deutsch: Wir stellen uns vor.

GABT wurde 1993 als ein unabhängiger Übersetzungsdienst mitten im Herzen von Chicago — der "Loop" — gegründet, um dort ihren zahlreichen Kunden in der allgemeinen Geschäftswelt und in Anwaltskanzleien jederzeit effizient und effektiv zur Verfügung zu stehen.

On Translating

Choosing the right translation provider will save attorneys time, expense, embarrassment and possibly worse. Our section On Translating offers a few guidelines on selecting a translation service.

Border Crossings

A discussion of translation for the legal profession written by the owner of GABT and first published in Legal Management magazine. Our article Border Crossings has since been reprinted in 6 publications for lawyers.


In order to save you time we have put up some general questions we have encountered on the subject of German American business translations.

Beyond Legal

Cross-training can be as refreshing for the mind as for the body. This summer took me to Tibet, figuratively speaking, to immerse myself in the art of the Dalai Lamas. In addition to our core business in the field of legal translation, we have also become established as translators of literature and articles on art and art history.


A representative list of clients and a few comments on the services GABT provides.

For Languages Other Than German

When you need translation services in other languages, please inquire and I will be happy to provide personal recommendations. In addition, here are some other independent language service providers available.

Contact GABT

We would be happy to provide quotes, without charge of course, or answer any questions you have about German translation services. So feel free to contact us!